Welcome to Jefferson County Electric Vehicle Association

The Jefferson County Electric Vehicle Association provides information and opportunities for the advocacy of electric transportation in Jefferson County Washington. We believe that showing people how fun and affordable electric cars are is a great way to spread the word and decrease carbon emissions to benefit our beautiful region.

*** The Jefferson County Electric Vehicle Association web site is currently under construction. Please check back, we will be updating the site frequently. ***

The Jefferson County Electric Vehicle Association is based in Port Townsend Washington. The Association is being formed to serve the needs of current and future electric vehicle owners in Jefferson County.

The Jefferson County Electric Vehicle Association attended the Port Townsend Home Show March 3, 2018.  It was a very successful event for us, we signed-up many new members and others requested additional information and/or our future newsletter.  Pictures to the right.

Added link on the Vehicles page for the new tire Goodyear had developed for electric-only vehicles.  3/11/18

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Owner Testimonials

Jeff Randall Nissan Leaf

Perry Spring Nissan Leaf

Dave Scott Chevrolet Volt

Ben Bauemeister Chevy Bolt