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Welcome to Dave Scott's Chevy Volt Testimonial Page

I have owned my Chevrolet Volt extended range electric vehicle for just a little over a year now. I purchased the car used from a Nissan dealer in south Seattle with approximately 75,000 miles on it. General motors had just extended the warranty on the electric components to 8 years or 100,000 miles. I was able to purchase the car for $9,200. The warranty was better than that of any 2013 auto I could have purchased at the time.

I knew I wanted to go with an electric vehicle to reduce my carbon footprint and to save on maintenance expenses but, I didn't want to suffer from rage anxiety. I often take long trips far beyond the range of the electric vehicles that were available at that time and my budget made purchasing a Tesla out of question. My research led me to the Chevy Volt which had outstanding reviews by the owners of these vehicles. The Volt needed to be a 2013 or newer as the battery chemistry had improved on vehicles manufactured from 2013 on.

An important factor for me was reducing the maintenance cost of owning a car. Constant oil changes and other maintenance items on the typical gasoline or diesel cars has a very negative effect when one is retired and on a fixed income. The Volt needs very little maintenance, other than the generator, that needs to be serviced twice a year – depending on driving habits.

I have added over 12,000 trouble free miles on my used Volt now with nearly 90,000 miles showing on the odometer. The car still goes the same distance on the batteries that it did when new. Thus far it is my all-time favorite vehicle. It handles like a premium sports car, has amazing performance – especially in Sport mode, does about 38 miles on the battery only, overall average fuel economy in 12,000 miles of driving is 67 mpg. Typically I average over 80 mpg when the driving is local and the generator gets little use. I usually add gas to the 9.3 gallon tank about once a month. My motorcycle uses more gasoline than my Volt! My local trips of 38 miles or less, I use not one drop of gasoline.

I charge my Volt overnight when it is parked in the garage. Charging is done using a standard 120 VAC outlet and takes about 10 hours – if the battery is fully discharged. I have the ability to use Level 2 chargers like the one at the Port Townsend Co-Op which charges the car much faster. My Volt does not support Level 3 (DC) charging. With current electric rates at about 8 cents a kilowatt hour, it takes about 90 cents to charge my volt for 38 miles of driving.

My next vehicle will be a Chevrolet Volt. The newer models have more battery only range, a less confusing dash, a quieter cabin, butter generator only fuel economy and the generator does not require premium fuel. When there is an all electric vehicle that has at least 500 miles of driving range, that is priced under 40K with rebates, I will certainly consider purchasing it. Until then I will stick with an extended range electric vehicle like the Chevrolet Volt.

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